Environmental policy

Ein Schwerpunkt unserer Umweltpolitik liegt auf der optimalen Verwendung des Rohstoffes Papier. Durch den Einsatz von Rollenoffsetmaschinen mit unterschiedlichen Sonderabschnitten können wir den Papierabfall bei individuellen Produktionen auf ein Minimum reduzieren.

Ein weiteres Bekenntnis zur ökologischen Nutzung der Ressource Wald hat die FIRMENGRUPPE APPL an allen Standorten durch die Zertifizierungen
FSC®-C004592 und PEFC/04-32-0928 abgelegt.

In order to underline our commitment to sustainable environmental protection, we have achieved certification according to ISO 14001. The resulting obligation of continuous monitoring of environmentally-relevant substances underlines our commitment to a sustainable future. We have thus committed ourselves to continually improving and promoting environmental protection in our company.

Our energy management, which corresponds to ISO 50001, enables us to measure the energy flows in our company and to control them ever more precisely. This results in the optimisation of our energy use, which benefits the environment through resource conservation. Since 2014, all Group companies have been certified according to this standard, thus sending a signal of sustainable environmental protection.

The printers aprinta druck, sellier druck and echter druck have made important steps towards reducing VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds), by doing away with alcohol in the production process. Through our many years of experience with aprinta druck, we are seen as a role model within the printing industry thanks to the alcohol-free large-format offset.

In order to underline our regional credentials around environmental protection, we first took part in the ÖKOPROFIT®-Klub Donau-Ries eco-project back in 2010 at the Wemding site. The remarkable outcome since then has been the avoidance of 350,000 kg of CO2 per year and the reduction of fresh water consumption by 1575 m3.

ÖKOPROFIT®-Klub Augsburg 2017/2018

We are constantly striving – through the development and implementation of measures in operational environmental protection – to make a positive contribution for the future. That is why we joined the ÖKOPROFIT®-Klub Augsburg in 2017.The ÖKOPROFIT®-Klub (an ecological project for integrated environmental technology) is a project run by the city of Augsburg. Our partners in this club are the Bavarian Sate Office for the Environment, the Swabian Chamber of Commerce and the Förderverein KUMAS – Kompetenzzentrum Umwelt e.V.

With the support of the consultancy firm Arqum GmbH, the 10 participating companies, over four club seasons, have developed and implemented practical measures to ease the burden on the environment and reduce costs. Topics around environmental law and environmental requirements have also been discussed. The focus of this round was the continuous improvement in environmental performance in the areas of energy/emissions, raw materials/waste and water/waste water.

We will again participate in the ÖKOPROFIT® 2018/2019 club season in Augsburg.

ÖKOPROFIT-Augsburg Urkunde

ÖKOPROFIT-Augsburg certificate

With our photovoltaic systems in Wemding and Würzburg, we achieve a total capacity of about 1.3 MWp. It would have taken at least 100 ha of mixed forest to offset this amount of CO2. But even more important to us is the future. We're working to ensure that our goals can be met whilst protecting the environment as well as possible, and by leaving future employees a sustainable basis for work.2 zu neutralisieren, wären mindestens 100 ha Mischwald vonnöten. Aber noch wichtiger ist uns die Zukunft. Denn wir arbeiten daran, dass sich unsere Ziele mit dem Umweltschutz optimal vereinbaren lassen und dass wir unseren zukünftigen Mitarbeitern eine nachhaltige Arbeitsgrundlage hinterlassen.

Through the use of waste heat from our heatset printing presses, it is possible for us to heat both the sheet printing and bookbinding unit during the week in a climate-neutral manner. This effect allows us to save more than 5 million kWh of gas which would otherwise be used for heating, and actively contributes to environmental protection through the 1.3 million kilograms of CO2 emissions not generated as a result.Emission aktiv zum Umweltschutz bei.

Environmental policy of the FIRMENGRUPPE APPL group

FIRMENGRUPPE APPL is committed to responsible action, taking into account all legal requirements, to maintain an environment worth living in.

In order to achieve our strategic and operational objectives, we implement environmental and energy-efficiency measures, in the context of a continuous process of improvement. This happens with the involvement of all employees; financial and time resources are provided for this purpose.

A key part of our environmental policy is about paying attention to the origin of the required resources, and with regard to their efficient use. This also applies when selecting energy-consuming production equipment. We manage to make a significant contribution to helping the environment by choosing manufacturing procedures and processes in a product-oriented manner, whilst taking economic considerations into account. Furthermore, one key principle of Firmengruppe APPL is to favour the use of paper from certified sources (FSC®/PEFC).

The environmental policy is reviewed yearly within the scope of the management review, and is amended as required if there are changes to the framework conditions.