Environmental protection at APPL GROUP

We are committed to maintaining an environment worth living in by acting responsibly and taking into account all legal requirements.

To achieve our strategic and operational goals, we implement environmental and energy efficiency measures as part of a continuous improvement process. This is done with the involvement of all employees; financial and time resources are made available.

An essential part of our environmental policy is to pay attention to the origin and efficient use of the resources required. This also applies to the selection of energy-relevant production facilities. By selecting production methods and processes in a product-oriented manner and taking economic aspects into account, we make a significant contribution to reducing the burden on the environment. Furthermore, the APPL Group prefers to use paper from certified sources (FSC®/PEFC).

The environmental policy is reviewed annually as part of the management review and, if necessary, adjusted in response to changing framework conditions.

The APPL GROUP has made a further commitment to the ecological use of forest resources at all its sites by obtaining FSC®-C004592 and PEFC/04-32-0928 certification.

To underline our commitment to environmental protection in the long term, we have obtained ISO 14001 certification.

With the resulting obligation to constantly monitor all environmentally relevant substances, we underline our commitment to shaping a sustainable future. We are also committed to continuously improving and advancing environmental protection in our company.

With the help of energy management according to ISO 50001, we are able to record the energy flows in our company and control them more and more precisely.

This results in the optimisation of our energy use, which benefits the environment by saving resources.

Since 2014, all the companies in the group have been certified according to this standard and are thus united in setting an example for sustainable environmental protection.

The printing companies aprinta druck and appl druck have taken an important step towards avoiding VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) by dispensing with alcohol in production. Due to our many years of experience at aprinta druck, we have taken on a role model function within the printing industry in alcohol-free large-format offset.

In web offset, too, we have been producing completely without the use of IPA for several years. This reduces the amount of volatile solvents emitted into the environment by around 300 tonnes per year.

By using the waste heat from our heatset presses, we are able to heat the administration, the sheet-fed printing plant and the bookbindery in a climate-neutral way during the week. This effect allows us to save over 5 million kWh of gas for heating purposes and actively contributes to environmental protection with 1.3 million kg of non-produced CO2 emissions.

With our photovoltaic systems, we achieve a total output of over 1.3 MWp. To neutralise this amount of CO2, at least 100 ha of mixed forest would be needed.

But even more important to us is the future. Because we are working to ensure that our goals are optimally compatible with environmental protection and that we hand over a sustainable working basis to our future employees.

In order to underline our regional claim to environmental protection, we participated in the environmental project ÖKOPROFIT®-Klub Donau-Ries at the Wemding site as early as 2010. The remarkable result since then has been the avoidance of 350,000 kg of CO2 per year and the reduction of fresh water consumption by 1575 m³.

ECOPROFIT® Club Augsburg 2017/2018

We are constantly striving to make our contribution to the future by developing and implementing measures in corporate environmental protection. That is why we joined the ÖKOPROFIT® Club Augsburg in 2017.The ÖKOPROFIT® Club (ÖKOlogisches PROjekt Für Integrierte UmweltTechnik) is a project of the City of Augsburg. The cooperation partners are the Bavarian State Office for the Environment, the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the KUMAS - Kompetenzzentrum Umwelt e.V. support association.

With the support of the consulting company Arqum GmbH, the ten participating companies developed and implemented practical measures for environmental relief and cost reduction in the four club rounds. Environmental law topics and environmentally relevant requirements were also discussed. The focus of this round was on the continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance in the areas of energy/emissions, raw materials/waste and water/wastewater.


We will also participate again in the ÖKOPROFIT® Club Round 2018/2019 in Augsburg.