Donation projects

Donation projects of the APPL GROUP

This year, too, we have deliberately dispensed with Christmas presents for our customers and business partners and instead support regional aid projects through donations.

APPL Christmas Market at the locationsWemding and Freising

APPL also said: It‘s beginning to look a lot like christmas! ✨ ✨

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our employees for their tireless efforts over the past year and, together with the Works Council, have therefore invited all APPL employees to a Invited to visit the APPL Christmas Market. 🎄 Besuch auf den APPL-Weihnachtsmarkt eingeladen. 🎄

The atmosphere was great in Wemding as well as in Freising and we spent a nice time among colleagues in a Christmas atmosphere with wonderful food and punch. 🥰 🥰

Unfortunately, not all people in our region can enjoy a carefree Christmas season. That is why the total of three APPL Christmas markets were also used as a fundraising event. Employees were able to donate to regional aid projects on a voluntary basis. 100% of the donations, rounded up by APPL GROUP, will be handed over to the projects listed below.

Location Wemding

The two APPL Christmas markets in Wemding were used as a fundraiser for Glühwürmchen e.V.. Employees were able to make a donation for little Nadim, who is suffering from a malignant tumor. The APPL employees‘ donations were rounded up by the APPL COMPANY GROUP.

Nadim Jeha, 5 Jahre

Nadim is 5 years old.
He lives in Wemding.
He‘s fighting for his life!

The little boy has developed a malignant tumor (neuroblastoma, highest level), which has already spread. Since he was 4 years old, Nadim has had to go through a number of treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, radioactive radiation, a stem cell transplant, antibody therapy and other radiation.

The treatments, trips and 100% care provided by Nadim are very costly and time-consuming for the family. There are also costs for the family for secondary diseases, such as the gradual loss of hearing.

That‘s why Nadim and his family need our help - because he wants to experience many happy moments and adventures for a long time!

The fundraising campaign planned by APPL was so well received by Nadim‘s family that an official fundraising campaign was launched without further ado. Friends and acquaintances of the family were also able to donate to Nadim. 

We are happy that we were able to do so much for the little boy and his family through our event and wish him all the best and a lot of strength!

Glühwürmchen e.V.

Glühwürmchen e.V supports children with cancer and their families and was founded on November 14th, 2002 by parents and relatives of children with cancer. It is the intention of the volunteer board members to provide quick and unbureaucratic help. Help in the form of talks, advice, support and financial donations.

Financial support for the affected families, e.g.

  • Domestic help to provide for families and siblings
  • Travel between the family home and the child‘s place of therapy
  • Cure or convalescent stays, rehabilitation measures
  • Tutoring and tutoring
  • Necessary purchases in the context of the child‘s illness
  • transportation and funeral expenses

Financial benefits in the children‘s clinic for e.g.

  • Equipment in the Swabian Children‘s Cancer Center for the benefit of the patients
  • staff
  • Variety during treatment (e.g. handicraft afternoons, therapy offers)
  • Actions at the children‘s cancer ward (e.g. Christmas party, carnival party or barbecue evenings

Support for affected children, siblings and parents:

  • Entertainment electronics, toys and handicrafts for lonely hours in the clinic
  • Discussions and exchange of experiences with the parents in the children‘s cancer ward
  • Fulfilling the heart‘s desires of seriously ill children
  • Excursions and weekend camps with the affected families
  • Family afternoons with games and fun
  • Accompanying grieving parents

Also ( was on site to report about our fundraiser for little Nadim. The report was broadcast on Wednesday, 14.12.2022 on

Freising location

The APPL Christmas market in Freising was used as a fundraiser for the St. Klara children‘s home in Freising. Employees were able to make donations for children, adolescents and young adults of legal age who are growing up in difficult living conditions and whose age-appropriate development is at risk in their respective family or home systems. The donations made by APPL employees were rounded up by the APPL GROUP. Die Spenden der APPL-Mitarbeiter wurden durch die FIRMENGRUPPE APPL aufgerundet.

Kinderheim St. Klara, Freising

monitoring, support and encouragement.
Inpatient and semi-inpatient care.

The St. Klara children‘s home, which is still known as the ‚orphanage‘ in Freising due to its eventful history spanning more than 130 years, is today a modern, remedial child and youth welfare facility for around 75 children and young people from Freising and the region.

The focus of this facility is on children, young people and young adults who are of legal age and who are growing up under difficult living conditions and whose age-appropriate development is at risk in their respective families or systems of origin.

The basic care of the young people is reimbursed by the youth welfare office. However, numerous things are not included in this basic care, which are very important and beneficial for the individual development of each young person.

Financial support from

  • Riding therapies/remedial riding for children
  • Experiential educational projects for groups
  • Summer vacation trips (one week) for groups
  • Therapeutic material for the promotion of children
  • Furnishings in assisted living for young adults
  • Individual help for non-reimbursable therapies and help, e.g. Motopedagogics or kinesiology