"Jerusalema" - The song from South Africa that makes the world dance.

A melody from South Africa conquers the world and brings smiles to the faces of young and old in gloomy Corona times. The catchy tune gets people moving and establishes a global trend: dancing where there is space. Thesong's choreographybenefits from the fact that it can also be danced with sufficient Corona distance to others .Around the globe, a sense of community was created - across all borders. Simply forgetting the pandemic for a moment without breaking any rules.

»Jerusalema« at APPL

We, the APPL COMPANY GROUP, also want to signal: "Let's master this together, let's stick together!" 

Background: "Jerusalema" is a song recorded by South African composer, producer and DJ Master K in 2019 with backing vocalist Nomcebo Zikode. Last year, the song became a viral hit through self-recorded dance videos of people of all ages from different countries.

"Jerusalem is my home, save me, he went with me, don't leave me here " - what seems like a passage from the Bible is the German translation of the first lines of the song "Jerusalema". According to Nomcebo Zikode, "Jerusalema" refers to a spiritual place - a place "where you find peace, where there are no worries, only happiness and happy people.

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