In-house training “Trainee etiquette”

In-house training “Trainee etiquette”

Everyone knows the situation: you are the new one at work and doesn't know any colleagues yet, not the customs of the house, let alone the exact requirements for yourself.

We organized for everyone to make it easier to start their professional lives new APPL trainees an in-house training on the subject of "trainee etiquette". We were supported by the image consultant Janine Katharina Pötsch. In an interactive lecture, the speaker discussed the following topics in more detail:

- The power of first impressions - score with the welcome rituals in professional life

- Communication in professional life

Appearance and impact as a trainee

- My role as an apprentice and valuable new employee

We thank Ms. Pötsch for the helpful tips that she gave us and we look forward to implementing them in everyday life.

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