Celebratory farewell to professional life

Celebratory farewell to professional life

On July 26, 2019, ours were part of the APPL group Trainees and retraining students after successfully passing Final exam solemnly passed. A total of 14 trainees and two retraining students in five occupations successfully completed their training or retraining this year. As part of a small ceremony, the trainees and retraining students were congratulated by the management, the HR management, the trainers and the chairman of the works council for successfully passing the final exams in summer 2019.

Everyone has practical training in the two or three years Trainees / retraining students do their best and can with their Be satisfied with the results. In addition to the recognition of this achievement, the graduates were supported by the company owner Markus Appl, who HR management Sandra Eckart and those responsible for training Katharina Wagner the exam and training certificates as well presented a small present. In addition, the retraining student Oliver Jilg received a bonus of € 1,000 due to his very good exam results.

Special thanks go to the trainers, who are instrumental in successfully completing the training year after year.

We congratulate all graduates once again on their successfully passed final exams and wish our APPL offspring much success and good luck in assuming their new responsibilities within the FIRMENGRUPPE APPL.


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