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Colour Management

In order to achieve an optimal color print result, we ask you to generate your data and proofs according to the ICC profiles described below. For exact process control, you should provide your color-binding templates with a Ugra / Fogra media wedge.


With the INSITE Prepress Portal, we offer our customers a print-binding and efficient data view. Fast print releases and comments on individual pages thus lead to faster production processes.

PDF Guideline

The following information should help you so that your data can be processed in our prepress with as little complications as possible.

Mellow Colour

The Mellow Color System allows you to analyze the color appearance of printing and voting systems to efficiently measure and correct color printing.

  • CMYK-Farbsteuerungs- und Verifizierungssoftware
  • unterstützt jeden beliebigen Druckstandard
  • zeigt die Qualität eines Druckprodukts (Farbinformationen werden durch spektrale Messung des Kontrollstreifens erfasst)
  • 2 Ziele:
        • 1.Einhaltung der Toleranzen der ISO 12647
        • 2.Einhaltung der Graubalance.