Apprenticeship start at APPL - all apprenticeship positions filled

Apprenticeship start at APPL - all apprenticeship positions filled

Many companies are increasingly having difficulty getting qualified Find professionals. Apprenticeships that are intended to secure the next generation of skilled workers often remain vacant. According to the IHK apprenticeship exchange, there are still around 99 free training offers in the Swabia region alone.

The FIRMEGRUPPE APPL has placed great value on qualified training for many years. We are pleased that we were able to fill all apprenticeship positions for 2019. As a print shop, we are particularly proud that the media technologist apprenticeship Druck (printer) even learn 7 trainees / retraining students. A total of 50 young talents are currently being trained in eight job profiles. A good apprenticeship is the key to success: with a qualified qualification, the junior staff have a solid foundation for their later professional careers.

We wish all trainees every success and exciting and informative years with the FIRMENGRUPPE APPL.

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